Identify Your AirPods Model

You can find your AirPods model number in two ways: by checking your Bluetooth settings or by locating the engraving on the AirPods themselves. 


Bluetooth Settings

 In your IOS device go to settings, and select Bluetooth. Tap the blue 'i' symbol next to your Airpods that need a replacement.   No alt supplied for Image



On your Airpods

You can also find this model number directly engraved on your charging case or Airpod.
If searching on your AirPod, its  found on the underside of the earbud.



If searching on your charging case, open the lid and inspect on the underside of the lid on the left side.


Airpods pro 2nd generation magsafe usb-c charging case



There are currently 6 models of Airpods, 3 of these are pro models,  and none of these model are cross compatible so its important to make sure you select the correct model.


Once you've found your model number, match it with one of the generations below.



Airpod Generation Left Ear Model Number Right Ear Model Number Charging Case Model Number
AirPods Pro (2nd Generation USB-C Edition A3048 A3047 A2968
AirPods Pro(2nd Generation) Lightning Edition A2699 A2698 A2700
Airpods Pro(1st Generation) A2084 A2083 A2190
Airpods 3rd Generation A2564 A2565 A2566
Airpods 2nd Generation A2031 A2032 A1602
Airpods 1st Generation A1722 a1523 A1602


Example: If your model number in your bluetooth settings states "A2699" then you have Airpods Pro 2nd Generation Lightning edition Airpods, and they are compatible with model numbers: A2699, A2698, A2700.