How to Avoid Losing Your AirPods

How to Avoid Losing Your AirPod Pros


AirPod Pros are incredibly popular with their incredible sound, great battery life, and comfortable fitting as if it was personally designed for your ears alone. When you’ve just shelled out the money on new AirPod Pros, you know that the biggest concern is how easy it is to lose them. The earbuds are tiny, and the case isn’t that much bigger, and it’s not uncommon for any part of the AirPods Pros to go MIA. Read on to learn a few different tips and tricks that can help you ensure you are able to avoid misplacing your AirPod Pros or the AirPod Pros charging case.  


Ensure Your AirPod Pros Are Registered with Find My App – When you first purchase your AirPod Pros, register them with your Apple ID to enable the Find My feature. Using the Find My app or going to a web browser allows you to quickly locate the last location of your AirPod Pros or the Charging case. It can direct you to each individual earbud and the charging case itself, no matter which one you misplace. If they are out of range or out of battery, the Find My app will show you their last known location


Try the Notify When Left Behind – On the Find My app, you can enable a feature that will notify you on your cell phone or your Apple Watch if your AirPod Pros or AirPod Pros charging case has been left behind. It sends a notification popup on your phone if it is no longer detected near you as you are on the go.


Attach a Bluetooth Tracking Device – The Find My App can only do so much when the AirPod Pros case is charged. Once the battery dies, it may only show the last known location, and if it’s moved, you’re out of luck. Attacking a Bluetooth tracking device or chip allows you to find the case without having to worry if the battery dies.


Use a Colorful or Flashy Case – There are endless case designs available from many third-party retailers that offer a bright, colorful case that is hard to lose. It helps them stand out, so you always have an easy way to locate them beyond trying to find a tiny white case that easily blends into their surroundings.


Use an AirPod Strap – One of the biggest draws of the AirPod Pros may be that it’s wireless, but if they fall out when you’re on the run, it can be pretty hard to locate them, especially in the wilderness. There are attachable straps that can keep your AirPod pros secure, even when you’re on the go. If they fall out, they remain safely secured to the strap, and you never have to worry about losing them again.


Losing your AirPods Pros or the AirPod Pro charging case might be stressful, especially when you’ve spent a lot of money on them. Keeping them secure by using these tips can help you keep better track of both your AirPod Pro earbuds and the AirPod Pro charging case.


If you lose either one, there are affordable options for you to quickly and easily replace your AirPod Pro Magsafe charging case or the right or left AirPod Pro earbud from a reputable third-party service at an affordable rate. Re-Cell Exchange offers 100% authentic Apple products that are tested, inspected, and sanitized to ensure that only the best quality parts are available. Shop Re-Cell Exchange to replace any broken or lost parts for Apple, Samsung, and Beats.