Can You Charge Your AirPods Without the Case?

How to Charge AirPods Without a Case


AirPods are expensive and cherished across the Apple community. When you own a pair, you want to do your best to care for and protect them to ensure you can enjoy them for years beyond the date of purchase. However, life sometimes has other plans.


The AirPods charging case is designed to protect and charge your AirPods. Over time, your AirPod charging case can collect dust, earwax, dirt, and scratches. And if they go missing, are stolen, or somehow stop producing a charge, what can you do to charge your precious AirPods?


Can You Charge Your AirPods Without the Case?


If anything happens to your AirPods charging case, unfortunately, there are no safe alternatives to charge your AirPods. Many websites might offer options that suggest ways to charge your AirPods without a case, but you can end up damaging the hardware rendering them completely useless, leaving you with no option but to spend money on a new charging case.


What to Do to Charge Your AirPods with an AirPod Charging Case


If you're charging case stops working or is misplaced in any way, there are a few different options depending on the status of your AirPods charging case. 


When your AirPods charging case is misplaced or lost, the first step is to try your hand at finding them. Use the Find My app to see if you can locate the last known location and if it is safe, return and retrieve the case. If your case has no charge, the Find My app will only show the last known location. If you have an AirTag or Bluetooth tracker attached to your case, you can use that software to see if you can locate the case.


If you cannot locate your AirPod charging case, the best option is to purchase a replacement one. You can purchase directly from Apple or from a reputable third-party retailer that sells authentic Apple replacement parts, such as Re-Cell Exchange. Buying a replacement charging case from Apple can sometimes cost as much as a new set, even with Apple Care. Buying a replacement case from a reputable third-party retailer is a great way to buy a new AirPod charging case at an affordable price that allows you to get back to using your AirPods in no time.


Quick Note: You want to ensure you are purchasing the right case, whether it's for the right generation or whether it's the AirPods or AirPods pro.


Until you can find your AirPod charging case or replace it, you can always see if you or a family member would allow you to borrow their AirPod charging case. The charging case will need to be paired and reset with every charge, so it's not the ideal option, but it is a temporary fix.


Tracking your AirPods charging case and ensuring you properly care for it are the best ways to keep using your AirPods without having to worry about a replacement. 


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