Samsung Galaxy Buds2 SM-R177

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Samsung Galaxy Buds2 SM-R177 Wireless Earbuds R270. Open Box . 

Used. Ships next day or same day if possible. Free 30 day returns if you have any issues at all.

Yes, you can get your Samsung Galaxy Buds2 SM-R177 replaced, but it will depend on the warranty period and the reason for the replacement. You can get an authentic Samsung Galaxy Buds2 replacement here with us at ReCellExchange. We provide affordable and high-quality Samsung earbud replacements!

To replace lost or damaged Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Graphite wireless earbuds, you can contact Samsung support or look for reputable third-party retailers like ReCellExchange, where you can buy affordable yet high-quality Samsung Galaxy Buds2.

If your Galaxy Buds are not covered by warranty or insurance, purchasing a replacement through ReCellExchange will be a good option. You can find a high-quality and authentic replacement here at a lower cost than purchasing a brand-new set of earbuds.

You'll first need to charge the earbuds to set up a new Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Graphite replacement. Place the earbuds in the charging case and connect the case to a power source using the included USB-C cable. Allow the earbuds to charge fully before proceeding to the next step. Next, you'll need to pair the Galaxy Buds2 with your device. Open the charging case with the earbuds inside and ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your device. The Galaxy Buds2 should appear in your list of available devices. Tap on the Galaxy Buds2 to pair them with your device.

The time it takes to receive a replacement depends on where you purchase it. If you purchase a replacement directly from Samsung or another retailer, shipping times may vary depending on their policies and procedures. However, if you buy a replacement with us today at ReCellExchange, we can ship it to you the next day or even the same day. This way, you can enjoy your Galaxy Buds2 Graphite without delay.

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