How Easy it is to Replace my AirPod parts and their case?

How Easy it is to Replace my AirPod parts and their case?

Following the introduction of the new AirPods Pro, Apple has made public the repair and replacement prices for the AirPods Pro as well. The new wireless headphones can be replaced if they are damaged or lost. Of course, it is cheaper to buy new ones on certain occasions. Apple makes this possible according to how the ordinary Airpod replacement existed. 

At the moment, the prices have only been indicated in the American Apple Store. Extrapolating to the Apple Store and taking into account that the difference is not much greater in the change of stores for the prices of normal AirPods, we can determine how possible and easy is replacing your AirPod parts.

Here is what awaits you if you have problems with your Airpod!

Surely you have heard in recent weeks numerous cases of Airpods users who begin to fail when they are two years old. First, giving problems connecting to our iPhone or iPad quickly, and then completely fails to connect because the battery has passed to a better life.

When that moment arrives, we only have one option: pray that it happens to us within the two-year warranty, one that Apple gives and another that, according to the company, is due to “the consumer defense law.” Although well looked at, I do not believe that the treatment of one and the other varies too much. Behold, you should have this at the back of your mind.

Nothing to repair; just replace

The first thing you should have at the back of your mind is that Apple will not repair your Airpod. The only option that is considered when you bring the broken headset is that you buy a new one and nothing more. And in the case of not having warranty coverage, they will add that if they have to examine what is wrong with it, they will have to charge you.

The only difference between having an Airpod under warranty and not having it is the price at which we can buy the damaged or lost headset. As you can see in the table above, although Apple talks about “repair or replace,” the first possibility does not really exist: we can only replace, that is, buy a new headset.

Prices range from 55 dollars for Airpods that are still under warranty and 75 for those who have lost them or are not covered by the warranty. In other words, you get to save some dollars if two years have not elapsed since you bought it. But when you have elapsed the warranty period, you can replace it without going through the stress of visiting an Apple Store. Yet you have to consider other problems that could go wrong with it, like if the charging case is the one with the fault.

Could it be the charging case?

Before you take the non-working Airpod to the official store, please confirm that the problem is not with the charging case. According to the company itself, there are cases in which the filaments fail, and the headset does not receive power, so we can save ourselves from having to buy a helmet.

In the event that this is the case, you can do a test by asking a friend or relative who has their Airpods to let you test the headset that does not work for you. If the problem is in the charging system, then the prices of the cases are somewhat lower and range between 55 and 85, both for the normal model and the one with wireless.

AirPods battery replacement or loss

The prices reflected above correspond to a replacement due to deterioration or malfunction. In such a case, the failed unit must be returned for replacement. However, if they are lost, the prices vary slightly.

On the other hand, there are also special prices for changing the battery. The battery is one of the main problems of AirPods, and time has shown that its life and capacity deteriorate seriously after approximately two years. In this case, the entire headset is not changed, only the battery inside. The same thing happens with the case; changing its battery is priced at a relatively reasonable cost.


Replacing your AirPod part after the warranty period is not an easy task. Here you can decide to change only the right or left Airpod due to the cost of replacing the entire device. However, you can find ease in changing your AirPod parts when you shop for replacement at our store. Recell Exchange is your number one store to shop and buy your AirPod parts.