What to Do if Your Samsung Galaxy Bud Case Stops Charging

What to Do if Your Samsung Galaxy Bud Case Stops Charging
The Samsung Galaxy Buds are some of the best, most loved wireless earbuds on the market. Even the greatest products can experience a hiccup every now and then. If your Samsung Galaxy Bud case stops charging your earbuds, you're no longer able to listen to your favorite tunes or podcast, and it can really impact your mood. 
When your earbuds don't charge, you don't want to purchase a new set. After all, they can be pretty expensive. What do you do when your Samsung Galaxy Bud case stops working? By following these simple troubleshooting tips, you can understand the cause of the issue and get the charging case back up and running in no time.
Ensure Buds are Correctly in Case – While it may seem too simple, it's an easy miss and happens to the best of us. If your earbuds are not correctly placed in the charging case, they won't connect and will fail to charge. Ensure they are nestled in the case perfectly, and if you still don't see the charging light indicator light up, move on to the next tip.
Clean Earbuds and Charging Case – Your charging case may not produce a charge if your Samsung Galaxy Buds and charging case are not cleaned. The charging contacts could be dirty, or debris could block the connection. Gently clean your earbuds and Samsung Galaxy Bud case with a microfiber cloth and a cotton swab. Remember to never use water. 
Charge the Case without Earbuds – Try charging the case without the earbuds to verify if the issue is with the case or with the earbuds themselves. 
Check the Charging Cord and Wall Adapter – Inspect your charging cord and wall adapter for any damage. If there is no damage, try plugging the charging cord and wall adapter into another outlet. Be sure to only use Samsung-approved wall adapters and cords to charge your case.
Reset Your Earbuds – If your Samsung Galaxy buds are still not charging in the case, try resetting your earbuds. Visit the Samsung Wearable app on your phone, select the "About Earbuds" page, and click the reset button. This automatically resets your Samsung Galaxy Buds.
Try a Wireless Charger – If all troubleshooting fails, try another method of charging the case by switching to a wireless charger if you have one available. Some Samsung devices double as wireless chargers for your Galaxy Buds.
Inspect the Buds and Charging Case for Damage – Check the charging case, inside and out, for any damage. If there is any physical damage, this is likely the culprit, and you may need to have the charging case serviced or replaced.
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