Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Review and Replacement

AirPods come to mind for most people when talking about fully wireless headphones. But even though Apple has popularized and almost monopolized this audio market segment, other companies are offering good true wireless headphones.


In fact, the success of the AirPods can be even more unfair if we consider that for years, brands like Samsung have been creating fantastic totally wireless headphones, which despite being recognized, do not reach the heights of success or sales figures of the different generations of AirPods. This article will discuss our views of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and its replacement.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Origin

The original Galaxy Buds marked the beginning of a new era within the Samsung catalog regarding wireless sound. The formula was refined through several generations until it was close to excellence, with the Galaxy Buds Pro launched at the beginning of 2021. 


Now, Samsung has put into practice everything learned during the last few to build a new pair of totally wireless headphones, “basics,” taking advantage of the technology and advances developed with each new generation of the Buds series.


Thus, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 have been born, a new generation that arrives to take the place of the previous Galaxy Buds Plus and become the base model of the family of true wireless headphones from the Galaxy series. And if you’re looking for a lightweight, true wireless earphone with good sound, active noise cancellation, and a comfortable fit, then the Buds 2 might be perfect for you.

What does the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 look like?

Since it introduced the Galaxy Buds Live, Samsung has maintained its catalog of totally wireless headphones made up of two different models, one basic and one more advanced. These Galaxy Buds 2 arrived to take the place that until now was the Galaxy Buds Plus, remaining as an entry model along with the Galaxy Buds Pro.

However, none of these models offers the balance between comfort, lightness, and good sound that the Galaxy Buds 2 offer. This new generation is even more interesting than the Galaxy Buds Pro, despite the large price difference between the two models.

Design and fit

If it weren’t for the colors in which these Galaxy Buds 2 arrive, they could perfectly pass for twins of the Galaxy Buds Pro. The headphones have a plastic body, a highly compact size, and a curved appearance, making them almost disappear from our ears when we wear them.


Comfort is another strong point of these headphones. Their lightness added to a comfortable format, and their small size makes wearing them especially comfortable. And suppose we manage to choose the most suitable silicone tips for our ear canal. In that case, Samsung includes three different sizes they undoubtedly become one of the most comfortable headphones in their category.


I only have one thing to reproach the Buds Pro related to the design section. The fact that it is made of plastic with a glossy finish means that it can slip too easily from the ears and end up falling, which happens more frequently than I would like, especially when practicing sports with the Galaxy Buds 2.


In any case, the fact that they do not have IPX7 protection like the Galaxy Buds Pro does not make them particularly suitable for resisting sweat when playing sports or rain. So, it would be best to be careful while using it in such scenarios. But if it falls, you can easily get any repair or replacement of its part. Several stores are available for the replacement of Samsung buds at reasonable prices.

The Galaxy Buds 2 charging case is identical to the Galaxy Buds Pro, save for the glossy finish. It has a square format and a small size, two aspects that make it perfect for carrying in any pocket. However, their cover may be easily scratched if stored with other objects, such as keys or coins. Hence you can get Samsung galaxy buds pro charging cases if the scratch happens to cause any defect.


Samsung has made the decision to color only the inside of the case in the same tone as the headphones, being able to choose between purple, black, white, and green. The latter is the finish that I have been able to test over the last few weeks, and in my opinion, the one that best suits the Samsung headphones.


Finding a replacement for any part of the Samsung earbuds pro is somewhat difficult if you’re not looking at the right place. This is why we decided to direct you to where you can easily get your galaxy buds pro replaced for all parts. Re-cell Exchange is the best marketplace to shop for the galaxy bud replacement parts.