How to Properly Clean Your Samsung Galaxy Buds

How to Properly Clean Your Samsung Galaxy Buds 


The Samsung Galaxy Buds are likely one of your favorite accessories. The slim, sleek Galaxy Buds provide you with music on the go, crisp, clear sounds, and a great battery life that rivals any model of the Apple AirPods. Using your Samsung Galaxy Buds, like any earbuds, can end with a lot of dirt, grime, and earwax over time and require a light cleaning every now and then.


You can easily wipe away any visible surface dirt, but considering where they go, you’ll want to clean and sanitize them regularly. When debris and buildup accumulate on your Samsung Galaxy Buds, you might notice the audio starts to get low or poor, and sweat and oils on the charging contacts can cause corrosion.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds are small, expensive, and delicate, so how exactly do you clean them without damaging them? This guide will walk you through the right way to clean your Samsung Galaxy Buds pro and keep them in great condition.


How to Clean Your Samsung Galaxy Buds

Cleaning your Galaxy Buds should be done regularly, depending on how often you wear them. You will need a cotton swab, a soft toothbrush, and dry cloth. Follow these important steps to ensure you are cleaning your Galaxy Buds with care.


Remove the Silicone Earbud Tip – Gently remove the silicone earbud tips by sliding the rubber earbud up from around the speaker. Avoid using force to prevent damage.


Use a Lint-Free Cloth to Wipe the Surface – Using a dry, lint-free cloth such as a microfiber cloth, gently wipe the surface of each bud. Using a cotton swap or a soft toothbrush, gently brush the mesh, remove any debris or buildup from the earbuds, and remove earbud tips. Use a cotton swap to clean the charging contacts and sensors on the earbuds to remove earwax, moisture, and oils. 


Remove debris from the Inside of the Earbud Tip – Wipe the inside of the earbud tip with a soft, dry cloth. Gently remove any earwax, debris, or oil from the mesh of both earbuds. Never use an abrasive material with hard bristles to avoid damaging the mesh.


Clean the Case – Wipe the outside and inside of the case using a cotton swab to remove the dirt, grime, and buildup. Carefully wipe around the charging pins to avoid damaging them. 


Reassemble Your Samsung Galaxy Buds – Reattach the earbud tips once everything is dry to the earbuds and cover the latch at the bottom. 


Never use water, and always use a clean, lint-free cloth when cleaning your Samsung Galaxy Earbuds. Before wearing your Galaxy Buds, clean and dry each ear thoroughly to prevent or prolong the inevitable buildup of debris and earwax. Properly cleaning your Galaxy Buds can set you up to extend the life of your Galaxy Earbuds and keep them in great working condition.


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