Are Beats repairs and replacements available?

Beats headphones are one of the products added later to the Apple product range. Despite this, they have become very popular, and there are various models. Each model has a specific type of repair for its components; the parts that can be repaired in Beats are different. 

At Re-cell Exchange, we believe that it is necessary for Beats users to be aware of the parts that can be repaired on them. You can find these parts for beats replacements and repairs in our web service since we support a wide range of Beats, from the newest to those considered ” vintage.”

PAD Replacement for Beats

All Beats headphones have integrated cushions that protect the ears and keep the sound from spreading and distorting. These pads can wear out with use and over time. Also, water and sweat are something that affects them negatively. The internal foam moves and falls apart over the years. 

If you use your cases a lot, it is possible that over time there will come a time when you have to replace this part. If you need to repair or replace the ear cushions of your Beats, contact us so that we can verify if your Apple headphone models have new parts available to replace them with the damaged ones.

Left and Right Hinge Replacement for Beats

All Beats have a small tab that joins the headband to the earpiece area of ​​the helmet. This piece is called a hinge, and it joins to be able to stretch the headband if necessary. This piece can break with use, but it is unlikely. The normal thing is that this piece breaks because the Beas suffer some blow or impact. If you want to replace the left hinge of your Beats, do not hesitate to contact us.

Headband Replacement for Beats

The headband is the area that joins the two headphones on the head. This part is very important to hold the entire structure. It is quite rigid and resistant, but it can be damaged by a blow, a fall, or an impact. Trying to force the headband can also cause the Beats to break. If the headband of your Beats headphones has broken, you can go to Re-cell Exchange so that you can check our product catalog to see whether its replacement is feasible.

Repair wet IPAD

The truth is that it is strange that some Beats get wet. If you use your Beats near the pool or in the kitchen near the sink, be very careful. The Beats are not designed to come into contact with liquids, and any leak can be very harmful. Repairing wet Beats is not easy. 

First, you have to identify and replace the beat parts that have been affected. A certified technician must open AirPods. After this, dry it and, if necessary clean the corrosion. Once prepared, the diagnosis is carried out to verify which parts fail and if it is possible to replace them.


Even though we know that not all repair and replacement of beats replacement parts is totally achievable, you can still change some. So, getting that part that you can replace is always challenging, especially when you’re willing to buy original beats replacement parts. But you can get the quality ones at Re-cell Exchange and Powerbeats pro charging case replacement.